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Dear Readers,

Last year my life was altered in drastic ways. Certainly, all our lives were, given the changes we’ve all had to make due to the pandemic. For me things got even crazier. Just as we were given “stay at home” orders I had to leave my house. I developed a severe mold allergy, and certainly, the mold was a large part of why I’ve not gotten healthier faster. I also have other complicated micro-biome (infection) issues secondary to the brain injury that continue to challenge me in ways that are hard to talk about.

In any case I had to leave my home as “stay at home” orders were issued. I started by living in the backyard for 6 months and then when that became impossible I simply had to leave. I started driving cross country. I hoped to get back to California after 17 years, if only for a visit. I have been dealing with drug injury and complications from that drug injury for that long!

Well, short story, I couldn’t make it. Driving four days to LIttle Rock, Arkansas is as far as I got and here I still am! In short I was homeless for a little over a year and it was rough.

Paul sold our house while I managed without one and now we’ve started over here in Little Rock. I lost everything. The mold spores were in my car, on my clothes and all our furniture.

We have a sweet home where I can breathe and concentrate on finally truly getting better.

We are also in financial crisis.

If you’ve ever said, “oh, I need to give you a donation.” Now’s the time.

Otherwise, if you’ve benefited from my work or know others who have and feel that you can personally spare the money, please do help and share this on social media as well.

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or if you would like we can arrange for a check in the mail. Leave a comment please.

thank you very much. with love, Monica.