Anti-social media

Once upon a time I felt so exposed I deleted all my social meda accounts with multiple 1000s of followers. I also deleted all my videos with tens of thousands of views. I’m a nobody now. Thoroughly. It took about 5 years of decidely anti-social social media use. I didn’t mean to alienate anyone. I only needed to protect myself while seriously ill and healing.

Now I’m wanting to find my way back. It seems impossible. I was here at the advent of social media. An early adopter. Now the rules are all different and I’m an outdated dinosaur. Ha! It’s interesting and wonderful in some ways. So strangely on the outside looking in.

I tweet and no one listens. I respond to tweets and no one answers. I think though that all social media is pretty anti-social now. This is likely the experience of most people on social media. There was a time that conversations really happened. Now everyone is barking into the air… Narcissistic niches everywhere.

It feels like there really isn’t anything to say anymore…or that I’ve had to go underground to further develop my work, (speaking as a writer now). …

Because there is more…so much more…but for now there is no audience and so the muse awaits a time when speaking might once again make a difference. A few of you will read this here. The few of you that followed me beyond that last chunk of work I did. Thank you.

I have a lot to say but no longer have a niche in which to say it…meaning I’ve not found the words to say it outside of my most personal circles. I look for a way to do that because I enjoy it. Because I like to write. And maybe I never will again…it doesn’t matter…I like to see how things evolve in any case…knowing that life will continue to meet me, right here, right now.

Finding my way back doesn’t mean going back to what was. That was another time and for me now, another world.

For now I wait and watch. Life is happening. Always.


  1. Ganesh says:

    That was a really refreshing post! I never knew you had so many followers back in the day!

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    1. Monica says:

      ha ha…it’s been a long time. I was very active in the early critical psych and psych drug withdrawal scenes…things have changed a lot since then!


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