Life with Tardive Dyskinesia

never know where I should post these days and I'm writing so if you're interested there is a new piece at Everything Matters, There is a video included that is very informative 

Part 1. Life with Tardive Dyskinesia
Part 2: Tardive Dyskinesia is brain injury

Everything matters

I’ve posted a couple of times about having TD. It is an awful debilitating, crippling and disfiguring disease caused by iatrogenic injury. I just discovered the National Organization for Tardive Dyskinesia so I thought I would share. There is very little accurate or clear information about this disease. I have avoided doctors mostly as I’ve not encountered anyone that seems like they would do anything other than harm. Neurologists who treat TD are prone to use psych meds and the MDs I saw mostly shamed and dismissed me as crazy. I did have a psychiatrist who was also a friend diagnose me and it’s very clear that I have TD. I go from being physically okay to being able to hardly stand up in the same day. I suffer from acute and chronic pain in my face, head, neck and shoulders. I am often totally unable to function as a…

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