an alternate view (mental health)

an alternate view (not necessarily in conflict with any other…many things coexist at the same time)

My experience suggest that the “astral” realm is also access to the micro-organisms living in our very bodies….we are multitudes…and it’s all right here, right now.

Physical and part of our bodies…we share a lot of it with others and it’s combination is always unique to us…

And yes…we are like a planet…like the earth…chaos or seeming order may abide and it’s always multitudinous.

Heaven and hell…right here, right now.

Saying this doesn’t diminish the significance of the term “astral plane.” It only expands upon the phenomena and experience…and again, my experience suggests that it is actually a grounded reality that we need to deal with. Many who have access to these realms are written off as crazy and drugged with neurotoxic pharmaceuticals which make the problem far worse and more intractable. What they’re experiencing is REAL. No delusion, but instead confusion.

Internal eco-system management (my term) is what is needed and doesn’t exist in our medical or mental health systems. Our understanding of the gut and microbiome are in a state of infancy and ignorance. Many practice dangerous methods when they think they do understand. I call the “mental health system” the “mental illness system” because what we have now often makes people far worse.

The above post was inspired by the above response to a tweet.

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  1. Stuart Bryan says:

    Hi Monica. I admire your work and have found help through website. I set up a peer support group for adults experiencing dependency and withdrawal issues from psych drugs in October 2019. We are based in Worcester, UK and meet weekly online and in person. We recently started having guest speakers and was wondering if you may be open to speaking one evening. It would be great to hear from you. We usually get six to nine at a meeting. It would be from April onwards, any evening apart from Monday or Wednesday and from 7 to 8pm GMT. We can’t pay as we have no income. If you may be interested let me know at




    1. 🌿 says:

      Hi Stuart. I would love to speak at your meeting. I’m also in Little Rock, Arkansas at the moment and haven’t traveled abroad in many years due to the drug damage. My husband is from the UK…so someday I will most certainly return but given the pandemic as well as my health, it may be a good while. If you’re open to doing something via Zoom maybe we can arrange that at some point.


      1. Stuart Jackson says:

        Who are you?


      2. 🌿 says:

        ha ha! I’m Monica. Sorry. I took my name off the site a while ago so that I would get less email.


      3. Stuart Bryan says:

        Yeah, we can do Zoom. Do you have a zircon-encrusted tweezers?


      4. 🌿 says:

        I have no idea what those are.


  2. Casual Badger says:

    Nice to see your new venture – I’m signed up to follow. Good luck.

    Katie, your #1 foul-mouthed fan, aka The Casual Badger

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