MDs, systemic infections and such (Lyme and Tardive Dyskinesia)

I’m glad Horowitz is calling this a Multiple Systemic Infections Disease Syndrome because “Lyme” is a distraction really…we’re talking systemic chronic infections…they’re likely implicated in all chronic illness…we are more microbiome than human. Unfortunately our ridiculous medical system is so off base they’ve attached to the very limiting narrative that is Lyme. This means those who don’t test positive for the specific bacteria associated with Lyme are left in desperate straights. Anyone without a lot of money is in desperate straights anyway. There is so much work to be done.

Tardive dyskinesia and thoughts from the mindful healing process….

Hello again. I have lyme disease (for which I have mostly used Buhner inspired treatments) and I also have tardive dyskinesia, a grave symptom associated with pharmaceutical injury. It seems to me that the TD is the body trying to rid itself of the invading micro-organisms and environmental toxins like pharma and heavy metals, etc.Continue reading “Tardive dyskinesia and thoughts from the mindful healing process….”

be the snake: eat yourself

auto-immune illness, chronic illness, withdrawal illness (how it’s all linked for me) I learned “auto-immune” meant my system was in over-drive all the time because it was fighting real infections. Western medicine says that auto-immune means the body is hurting itself. For me this was untrue. My body was fighting and waiting for me to startContinue reading “be the snake: eat yourself”

an alternate view (mental health)

an alternate view (not necessarily in conflict with any other…many things coexist at the same time) My experience suggest that the “astral” realm is also access to the micro-organisms living in our very bodies….we are multitudes…and it’s all right here, right now. Physical and part of our bodies…we share a lot of it with othersContinue reading “an alternate view (mental health)”