MDs, systemic infections and such (Lyme and Tardive Dyskinesia)

This article is about Looking at Parasites, Viruses, Yeast and Fungal Infections — It has good introductory information about treating multiple systemic infections. And wow! Horowitz calls it the way I see it. The name Lyme disease doesn’t touch the complexity of these multiple infections in complex biofilm… This all links more information to my piece at Mad in America. Tardive Dyskinesia, Chronic Lyme Disease, and Infection – Mad In America

From this article at, Looking at Parasites, Viruses, Yeast and Fungal Infections:In his book Why Can’t I Get Better: Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease, Dr. Richard Horowitz proposes what he calls the MSIDS model. It stands for Multiple Systemic Infections Disease Syndrome and takes a broad look at how many different factors can contribute to persistent illness. In the following excerpt, he discusses several of the factors that can complicate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

I’m glad Horowitz is calling this a Multiple Systemic Infections Disease Syndrome because “Lyme” is a distraction really…we’re talking systemic chronic infections…they’re likely implicated in all chronic illness…we are more microbiome than human. Unfortunately our ridiculous medical system is so off base they’ve attached to the very limiting narrative that is Lyme. This means those who don’t test positive for the specific bacteria associated with Lyme are left in desperate straights. Anyone without a lot of money is in desperate straights anyway. There is so much work to be done.

The article is a farily good “lyme” treatment overview for beginners and might help people see the difficulties people face. There can be extremely complex presentations and if one has severe pharmaceutical injuries it gets all the more complex. I worked with someone who was a student of Horowitz, the doctor who wrote this article.

The MD I zoom called with was simply following protocols and couldn’t even answer my very carefully thought out questions and ended up firing me…he was explicit about it being because he felt impotent …

It was also obvious I knew a lot more than the doctor being I’ve been at this for 20 years now and all I’ve done is study my body. He admitted his limitations but still ended up gaslighting me. My fate in life, it seems. MDs really don’t like feeling like they are not in authority. …still I’m grateful, 15 years into caring for myself with herbals etc, I have been able to utilize treatments that I didn’t have access to without a prescriber.

Now I know what I need to know about pharma and chronic systemic infections and I’m again on my own. Doctors are a living nightmare for those of us out on the fringe. I have yet to meet one that can keep up with me in the Lyme world.

I have another appointment with someone who is promising in terms of a one time consult. A naturopath who has done very impressive research with DNA. I have 23 and Me and haven’t had any of it interpreted in a way that was particularly helpful to me as of yet. DNA is not determinative and most practitioners aren’t very good at thinking outside the box…across all fields.

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