Somatic living is life itself speaking to us

Dissociation is more frequently an issue then recognized. Projection (something pretty much everyone does) is a form of dissociation. Disembodiment is the norm. People avoid embodiment because the process can be physically painful… sometimes so acute it’s permanently avoided.

This is a serious issue. Food and other addictions and aversions both are used to avoid it and people don’t even know they’re doing it. Some of it is very insidious and hidden in purity spirituality (lots of elimination of all sorts of things)… it deserves compassion.·

Acute pain is no joke – those who mock it are generally in denial of their own pain (this especially includes those who think they’re spiritual and dismiss those in pain) … our nervous system learn habits that become incredibly difficult to untangle. The body holds conditioning.

Yoga, while often acting as a haven for those who are hiding from pain, also gets it right for those brave enough to go the whole way and not get stuck in some yogic side-trip rabbit whole.

“Your issues are in your tissues.”

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