Hello. My name is Monica. I’ve come back from the dead.

I’ve never regretted giving up on getting diagnosed. What I’ve learned as an undiagnosed chronically ill person (with auto-immune and “lyme disease” like stuff) is that all chronic illness is similar in fundamental ways. Believing one has something specific is detrimental to getting well.

I’ve spent a lot of time in chronic illness scenes and seen massive amounts of cross-over. Very few people know this or want to acknowledge it but slowly I meet more that do. We venture forth learning to listen to our own unique bodies. Learning from everyone with who suffers while leaving dogma behind.

I like the term AFFLICTION . A good term for the kaleidoscopic nature of chronic illness. There is no minimization of the real physical manifestations. We’re not imagining it. They are nervous system and micro-biome issues and they will manifest in endless ways. They cannot be put in boxes.

Interesting tidbit: I was too sick to go to the doctor when I was at my worst (a period of years). What sort of medical system makes it impossible for very sick people to be seen? OURS does. This should be enough to see that it has nothing to do with getting help and healing.

I am free.


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  1. Ted Chabasinski says:

    Hello Monica. I am glad to see you are posting again. I hope being “back from the dead” means you are recovering your health.


    1. Monica says:

      Hi Ted. I actually mean it literally and I would have absolutely nothing to recover as I was never one to enjoy “health.” I am simply being transformed it is life. Much love to you, brother.


  2. Jaime McCane says:

    Hi Monica!
    I’m new to your site!
    Do you share the name of your dr. for sleep, I am you… and I need to taper of lamotrogine. Let me know how we can chat. I would be willing to pay you for your time.
    Thank you!


    1. Monica says:

      I don’t do doctors anymore I haven’t for quite a long time. I generally don’t do consults anymore either. If you go to beyondmeds.com and do a search there’s tons of posts on sleep…good luck.


      1. helen says:

        Hi Monica, i have been following you for years. I am 7 years off all drugs and I to am slowly coming back from the dead. I am happy to hear you are doing better.

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      2. Jaime says:

        Do you have the name of the Dr you used when you went to the Dr. that you speak of in your blog? It’s hard for me to be by phone, EMF / meds are interacting.


      3. Monica says:

        I’m sorry. I didn’t see this. I never went to a doctor I had any confidence in by the time I ended my relationship with them so I don’t make referrals to anyone I have ever seen. (or the doctors I liked don’t do this sort of work routinely and aren’t accessible anymore in any case – like one guy that became a friend and is now retired) The people that helped me generally had nothing to do with psych drugs in particular…they were simply kind and able to listen and engage MY process. I don’t do doctors because I never met one that was adequate for my needs. Good luck. I hope you find what you need.


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