Micro-organism illnesses (Lyme disease and many others less popularly defined)

(a lot of chronic illness is similar in some fundamental ways…symptomatology varies and crosses over within the lifetime of those who deal with chronic conditions regardless of diagnosis. Believing one has something specific is detrimental to getting well quite often and most certainly was for me.)

that said:

it’s also true that I got most of my inspiration for detox from Stephen Buhner’s work (multiple brilliant books on herbs) for treating Lyme. I happened to test positive for Lyme recently while some years ago when I first became gravely dysfunctional I did not test positive.

So, because I recognized micro-organism issues and Buhners work was (in his mind specific to Lyme) — I was essentially doing treatment for “Lyme disease” for years before I tested positive for the bacteria associated with it. I suspect this is because I finally broke open a biofilm that contained that bacteria. Once infectious material is in biofilm tests may not show any active infection — this is of course why so many suffer for so long without knowing what is wrong

Biofilms eventually will get very large if they are not mitigated at which point people can get very sick and be told nothing is wrong with them. (folks with such micro-organism issues know they’re not crazy while society says something else.)

This is further compounded because a lot of the micro-organisms involved in what gets called lyme and it’s co-infections may not cause any problems in a lot of individuals — this is why Ifind the diagnosis meaningless. It’s clear we are all dealing with a variety of micro-organism issues that vary quite drastically even within the groups of folks who identify with “lyme”.

In any case, we have a situation where people who are suffering tragically are not helped and often mocked because no one believes they’re sick. This is experienced as abject cruelty.

My goal is to learn to speak in such a way that academics and others that might help will have to start listening. Speaking things here and sharing with readers is helpful for this process.

Someone in one of the lyme groups asked how I treated biofilms.

Because I was sick for decades prior to understanding what was happening treating biofilms has taken many years. I started dealing with mindful detox about 15 years ago when I came off of psychiatric pharmaceuticals. It’s been a long and complex process and because of brain involvement, frankly dangeorus at times. (I ended up in ICU for a week once…they gave me some nonsensical diagnosis that called a symptom of not being able to detox effectively a disease). They gave me drugs that set me back. I’ve avoided the hospital since then and faced death within this body, trusting life-force to bring me through. It has not been straight-forward nor “safe.” Life isn’t about safety. It’s about living.

For medicine I’ve used herbs, enzymes, food, movement, meditation, healing sound frequencies, baths and anything the environment has to offer, here, now — because it always does.

I called my work as it emerged from process “Everything Matters” because I learned the tiniest thing could upset things. The process has been one of learning to listen to the body and discern what it needs NOW. That means unlearning what I’ve been told by doctors, health gurus and anyone else who thinks they have the answer. We are all different and only we ourselves have the answer for ourselves.

This is the first of a series as I learn to better articulate the experience.


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  1. Brandon says:

    Please try Ultimate Monolaurin (must be Inspired Nutrition brand) or Lauricdin both have awesome track records against these diseases and are completely natural. Do not waste your $$ on other Monolaurin brands they lack the potency you need to get well. Good luck and God Bless.


    1. Monica says:

      I’ve used it. I continue to in rotation as tolerated and appropriate…i have been around awhile. No cure all.

      On this site I ask people to share their experience while keeping advice to themselves.

      We are all different and do not know what is right for another


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