Platinum rule (scroll down for thoughts)

the last two are the only ones that go far enough. the others assume that what is good for you is good for everyone. That is simply not always the case. (think neurodiversity, think diversity in general) The golden rule must include imagination for what we might not have ever experienced so that we can learn what others actually need…when it’s not what we needed. Otherwise we can cause harm with what we imagine are good intentions. Assume nothing and listen. Learn. Behold the OTHER.


(a friend called this The Platinum rule which he got from Dr. Tony Alessandra who wrote a book about small business by that name. I liked it and so changed the title of this post)


  1. You raise a very important and overlooked point. I think this is the core reason for difficulties and misunderstandings in human relationships !

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  2. j says:

    where’s the sign up thingie?


    1. Monica says:

      if you scroll all the wawy to the bottom of the page it should be there.. I guess it might take longer on a mobile. Not sure. thanks for your interest!


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